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We are one of the foremost manufactures of heat logs in UK providing quality products for your everyday and special purposes.

a) Heatlog is the product made only by the Shimada Extrusion Process which gives it the unique density and holed centre.

b) The product is made only from waste biomass material, some sawmills being managed under FSC Certification. There are no additives of any kind, e.g. when made from sawdust/woodwaste, the Heatlog is 100% wood.

c) Heatlog is a smokeless fuel under SA Section 20 Air Pollution Prevent Act 45 and promotional leaflets have been cleared by Weights and Measures standards.

d) The burning characteristics give a higher radiant heat output than Household 2 Coal and Coalite over a three-hour burning test period.

e) Heat logs, being dense, does not spark or spit when burning and burns down to 0.35% ash (itself a good wood ash).

f) Heat logs mixes with any other fuel, in particular wood, which it helps burn if unseasoned. It is clean to handle and ideal for open fires, stoves, boilers and solid fuel cookers.

g) Heatlog is a solid fuel of the highest quality.

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