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What is Densification


Biomass densification is the bonding together of waste biomass product, such as wood chips or sawdust, peanut husks, rice husks, sunflower seed husks, bagasse (sugar cane or sugar beet residue), coffee shells, coconut husks, etc. The bonding is achieved by the pressure and heat of the Shimada Extruder utilising the natural resins in the biomass waste product.

The guiding principle behind the production of Shimada extrudates is that the natural biomass material is essentially a waste material, i.e. the natural by-product of, for example, the timber industry: chippings, sawdust, offcuts, slabwood, etc. or agricultural products: sunflowers, rice, peanuts, etc. The material is prepared for the Shimada extrusion process by chipping and/or milling and drying before being fed into individual Extruder Presses.

The end product can be produced either as a winter fuel with a size of approximately 65mm square by 200mm long, i.e. similar to a typical small wood log, or as a BBQ fuel of approximately 55mm square or sometimes 65mm x 50mm.

In the production process at no time are any additives, chemicals or foreign bodies introduced. The Shimada extrudate is a natural wood or biomass product. As a result of the material preparation and the heat and pressure used in production, the extrudate is dense (c. 1.25 tonnes per cubic metre) and does not expand at all when burning and has a very low ash content (with wood shavings 0.35%).

Winter Fuel

The Shimada extrudate produced for winter fuel is typically for open fires, wood-burning stoves, etc., and mixes with any other form of solid fuel, but is particularly good with natural logs, i.e. thus burning only non-fossil fuel.

It is marketed under various brand names, such as "Heatlog" in the UK and "Ecobloc" in the EU area, and as required with an own brand name.

BBQ Fuel

The BBQ fuel burns with the same characteristics as the winter fuel, but slightly more quickly due to its smaller size. It has all the characteristics of a high quality charcoal, but with none of the disadvantages of being a "dirty" fuel. It is the perfect BBQ fuel in terms of easy lighting, cooking time and with a very low ash residue. It is sold under various brand names: 'Braai Blox' in Southern Africa, 'Sizzlers' and 'Bar-B-Qubes' in the EU or own label.